My Newest Obsession- Copper Lights

I have a new obsession-bad. Copper lighting.

This chandelier version from one of my favorites, Barn Light Electric.

Photo Barn Light Electric
This one also from Barn Light Electric (it comes in copper, just scroll down

Photo Barn Light Electric
Oh, this one from Williams Sonoma
Photo Williams Sonoma

Even the restaurant where I ate dinner with my family this weekend had tremendously awesome copper reproduction pendants. Terrible service, but awesome lights! (No pictures because I was busy chewing my arm off...)

It's like the universe (God?) WANTS me, no is MAKING me replace my ugly kitchen fixtures with copper. Now if the universe could make about $1,000 appear because I don't think spray painting something copper is quite the same. Unless you've seen spray paint copper look good, then I'm all ears!


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