Love Thursday- The Beginning

Last we left our intrepid student, she (me-OK, I'm switching back to first person because 3rd person kills me)...I was heading to the Job Fair for the pediatric patients. Although I really didn't see the point, I decided to take Debbie's advice and look a little more presentable than usual. I was later very glad that I put forth that minimal amount of extra effort. I sat at my station and pretended to know what I was doing (surprisingly very few people had any interest in future lawyers, go figure). Before we got started, Debbie introduced me to her boyfriend's friend (got that?!), Nate. Nate was there representing the Army as he recently finished serving in the Army. And, that was it. He was cute and funny. I thought, "Hmm, this guy has potential." I'll eventually go over and talk to him...wait...there they go rushing off to the Matagorda County Rodeo. Clearly Nate was interested in the finer things in life.

The next week I arrived for my volunteer duties and (possibly mercilessly) questioned Debbie about Nate. All the basic facts; enough to let her know I thought he was cute and could she pass him a note! (Kidding, but I would have) Being such a good friend, Debbie arranged for Nate and I to meet up at the annual volunteer Spring Fling a few weeks later. Debbie managed to get Nate and I to sit at the same table. Shortly thereafter we had our first dance (I have the picture to prove it but alas my stupid computer hates pictures right now). At the end of the night we waited and waited for Debbie's car. I was supposed to ride home with Debbie, but the valets decided they didn't want that to happen and conveniently "lost" Debbie's car for hours. Nate offered to drive me home. After quizzing Debbie about Nate- Do you know him well? Does he have a history? Ever been convicted of a crime? Can you write down his license plate and car model number in case I disappear? You know, the usual, I rode home with my future husband.

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