Friday Favorite- Define Body

I kept reading articles and tweets and posts about what a great work-out everyone was getting from ballet barre based exercise classes. I did a little research (a.k.a. Googling) and found a studio in Houston, Define, that offered similar classes. Holy Heck, y'all. AWESOME. My first class was really good and I felt pretty good after. I could tell that my muscles were being worked in new, good ways. The second class nearly killed me. Ouch. I love the classes. This weekend Define is hosting a "Single Ladies" dance class where they are teaching the moves to Beyonce's dance/video. How fun! If I wasn't prepping for my half-marathon on Sunday (EEEK!), I'd be there in a flash. I'll be back in next week (assuming I make it through the half-marathon in one piece) after my muscles recover. Define is my new favorite exercise activity and my Friday Favorite.


  1. How awesome! I doubt if my muscles could remember that they used to move in that way... gracefully in fact.
    A friday's favorite for sure :-)


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