Friday Favorite- Orla Kiely and method

It seems I've become a one-posting pony lately. You know, life-kids, party planning, house projects, interviews, just too much happening all at once. Luckily I found something great at Target the other day-gotta love Target.

It is well known that I love Orla Kiely. When I saw the Orla Kiely- method collaboration at Target I might have squealed a little bit. Yes, I get excited by soap. Whatever, it's so cute. I bought the only ones left at my local store-a couple of the pear design. And, then MAYBE I came home and ordered several more versions! Now my hands smell lovely and my soap looks pretty. Double win. *YMMV-my kids and husband do NOT approve of the Chai scent pictured above. Apparently it "stinks."

Orla Kiely & method- my Friday Favorite


  1. Ha! I've become a one posting pony as well... I need to get to Target for inspiration too

  2. I feel like Target is really testing me with all their Orla stuff in the past few years. They want to see just how much stuff I will buy. Target, I will buy all of it. Promise.


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