Harry Potter Party -Exhaustion

I'm suffering a bit-exhausted from planning and hosting a Harry Potter extravaganza for my daughter's 8th birthday.
 The owl balloons were part of the birthday invitations we delivered. So cute. My favorites yet.
The owlery-the project that didn't quite turn out as I envisioned. That's 8 year olds for you; they have their own ideas. As long as they had fun-that's what counts.

I think everyone had a good time. But, I'm wiped. Also, a little ticked by one family who didn't RSVP, dropped their kid out of a running car (with no hi, or hello to us) an hour into the party, picked up without a word of thanks, and didn't even bring a gift for the birthday girl. Plus, the kid kept trying to ruin all the potions by telling everyone what she "knew" the "real" ingredients were-NOT my favorite kid. Ok, apparently I'm a lot ticked by them. Grrr. The party as a whole, though, success!


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