Monday Musings

I think I have a spray paint injury---and red feet. I also have a great start to a fabulous Harry Potter 8th Birthday party.

One of my daughter's friends wants a Barbie birthday party "just like M" I feel totally vindicated in all my planning for that party! Also, I told our friend that I have ALL the decorations saved for her.

I thought the Nancy Drew invite would be my favorite. The Barbie invite was pretty cool too. Nope-Harry Potter invite was amazing. I'm really excited to give my daughter an amazing party

I've been on about a million interviews and can't talk about myself anymore. I know. Hard to imagine.

After much whining and tantruming, My children were recently introduced to a little game I like to call "Let's clean the baseboards!" They did not like the game. Nor did they like my answer to this question- "Mommy, why are you making us clean?"- "Because you are my own little Cinderellas." Plus side, they didn't complain about being bored again.

6 continues to be the sassiest, whiniest year. I don't know why 2 gets such a bad rap.

As it turns out, all it takes to make me feel accomplished is to hang a few things around the house!

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