Monday Musings-Olympics Edition

We are completely obsessed with the Olympics right now. I'm trying not to go online too much and get spoilers, but I can't help it. So, instead of watching the US men gymnasts lose it, I'm going to share a few thoughts:

From the Opening Ceremonies. Woo!-yay parachuting queen and 007, huh-WTF-Harry Potter-scary huge bobblehead thingies-weird-BECKHAM, more Beckham. Ok, then. Athletes. Sir Paul. And, scene. Well, that was completely odd.

The US team had the worst opening ceremony outfits. Maybe not the worst, but pretty bad. Especially the berets. The French didn't even wear berets. For an awesome Opening ceremony summary, go here-it's hilarious.

We are watching every swimming event we can. While we scream for all the US Swimmers, our big favorites this year (besides the obvious Lochte and Phelps)-Missy Franklin, Brendan Hansen, and Dana Vollmer.

I really hope that my girls do not want to pursue gymnastics. I would not be able to take it. Every time they release and catch, I lose my breath. The falls sound really painful too.

I really hate the NBC "sportscasters" who interview the athletes after the events. I'm giving you the side eye Andrea Mitchell and Andrea Kremer-- "You just got fourth, how do you feel?" How do you think he feels? Or, interviewing poor Jordyn Wieber after she found out she didn't make the all-around competition. Not cool, NBC. Not cool.

I love watching Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor play beach volleyball. They are such bad a**es. I'd really like to find out how Kerri Walsh has those abs after two kids...besides being an Olympic beach volleyball player. I think it is kind of hilarious that the beach volleyball players can't wear their normal bikinis because it is so cold!

Synchronized diving-that looks crazy hard. We kept hoping one pair would just run for the end and yell "Cannonball!"

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