Friday Favorite-Barbie Party Invitation

How do you kick off a Vintage or Retro Barbie party?

You find these invitations. The Seller was a doll. (Hahahaha-pun TOTALLY intentional.) I found the invitations on her blog after an embarassingly long time of internet searching and she put them on etsy for me. They basically saved me. They were perfect. The invites come with a paper doll and dress that the guests can cut and dress up. Genius. Plus, they formed the basis of a great party activity I'll share later.

So, BessiePooh-she totally rocks. You should buy your party invites and party masks there. No, she didn't pay me, I am just really pleased with her products. I'm only ticked I didn't find her last year when I hosted the Wonder Woman/Superhero party (though I loved those invitations too!)

These vintage/retro Barbie Dress Up Doll invites are my Friday Favorites.

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