Party Time-Barbie version

It's no secret that Barbie is not my favorite toy. Prior to Sunday, my girls didn't even have any Barbie dolls (they had Disney Princess dress-up dolls, but I don't count those). Of course this meant that M was obsessed with Barbies. OBSESSED. For the past year, she's wanted nothing but Barbie stickers, books, and the holy grail-a Barbie doll. I held her off as long as possible. Until it was time for her to pick her birthday party theme.
Of course M wanted a Barbie theme. It's her party, so she got what she wanted. Well, if we were going to have a Barbie party, it was going to be a retro Barbie. I found this doll on Gilt and made that the jumping off point for the whole party. I have to say that the party was a lot of fun to plan, decorate, and watch. There are lots of great Barbie parties on the internet-hooray for good ideas. I'll compile the hits of our party over the next several days for the next party planner looking to host a classic Barbie party!

Yes, I made the cake. At least my cake decorating skills have improved!


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