Staircase Plans

Another one to add to the list of "Things I Want To Do In The House...One Day" file- paint/stain my banister ebony and add interest to the stairs. Our home was a custom home for the original owners. It's fine. Nice. But, not really our style. My husband is of the "If it's not broke" mindset. Well, we've been in our home about 5 years now (the house is about 14 years old) and, while I don't think we need any major overhauling, I am itching to make the house reflect us a bit more. Up first (maybe?) a new plan for the stairs. I'll blame Emily for this, I saw her new home and heard all her amazing ideas to make it "theirs" and got inspired.

My plan- stain the banister an ebony/black and add interest to the risers:
Like Kate did here. Our floors are a similar color, we also have the same white wainscotting. I love it. I'm not sure I'm in for the project though-we have three stories of stairs and two sides to paint/stain since we have a rail on the other side.
Another beautiful stairway from Melissa at The Inspired Room; very inspiring. She's got the same light wood too. I think I'm going to do it...
Not to forget about the risers, how about wallpaper that looks like pressed tin? It looks like an (fairly) easy way to inject character.

The only hiccup is whether my husband will be on board. Hmmm...


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