Warrenton Recap

This weekend I'm planning on hitting the Houston-based Urban Market with my friend, Joan. I figured that it was probably time for a quick recap of the last market I went to with Joan, the Warrenton Antique Fair (part of the mammoth RoundTop, Marburger, etc Antique Fair). I like going to the Antique Fair because it is a great place to be inspired and find fun items. We like Warrenton because it is a little bit cheaper, easier to navigate, and it's where Eddie Ross took us!
The vintage clothing and accessories caught my eye. It was REALLY hard not to buy anything.
Joan got an awesome bag. Jealous.

I loved this vintage book display.
I can see this type of display popping up in Pottery Barn catalogs and coffee shops across the US next year. I wish I had room to use these over-sized books, very cool. 
I was looking for items we can put on the gate at the Property. This didn't fit the bill, but I wanted it. Oh yes I did, peace, love, and Longhorns!
I loved this area of Warrenton, can you see the sign?
A close-up- 
Dead People's Stuff! (That's just what my husband said when I told him Joan and I were going shopping at Warrenton).

This vendor caught my eye-he made lots of cool lights with unusual elements- globes
and turbines

Warrenton has the BEST food. I'm putting it in this post because Joan and I couldn't remember where we went. So, next year, remember to go to the Legal Tender Saloon. The BBQ Brisket sandwiches are amazing. And about seven pounds of food! Ridiculously amazing.


  1. I dragged my mom and sister along with me this time and we had such fun! Someday I'd like to check out Marburger but I typically just stick to Warrenton as well. Let me know if there's anything great at UM this weekend.

  2. I love that peace, love, and longhorn sign! I didn't realize the UM is this weekend! Let me know how it goes!

  3. Maps are the gateway drug to globes right? N can totally back me up on this.


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