Friday Favorite-First Communion

What should be today's favorite? The new Target Shops?- Of course I hit those aisles...the new pair of jeans I found at Anthropologie? Earrings I got for my birthday? Kendra Scott and Kate Spade (I have awesome friends & family)? The beef tacos from Oh My Gogi-yum?...No, today my favorite thing is this weekend's big event, my daughter's First Communion. Ack. I can't believe that we're already at this stage. It doesn't seem that long ago that we were baptizing our little baby.

Raising my childen with a strong sense of faith is important. I consider my faith the defining force in my life. Of course, I hope that they will chose the faith of their mother and my family. Whatever they choose, I want them to experience a spiritual journey. Being able to trust and to believe is important. This step; this sacrament is important. While I brought Em into the Church through Baptism, this is the first step that she will take to join our faith community. As parents, we get all these great opportunities to help our kids. I love watching my kids experiencing things for the first time. My faith and the traditions of my faith are really sacred to me and I can't wait to share them with both my daughters. I'm really excited is what I'm saying. I'm also excited because my parents will be there to give her part of the Communion. Sort of a passing of the torch from generation to generation.

Watching her walk around the house in her white dress and veil is all a bit surreal for me. I feel like I blinked and she grew up. (I fully realize I'm being a bit dramatic and weepy.) I realize that each stage in her life passes so quickly. Before I realize it, I'll be sewing a veil for her wedding instead of one for her First Communion. So, today's Favorite is watching this step in my daughter's life-her First Communion.

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  1. How wonderful about your daughter. When was your bday?


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