A Pool with a View-Texas Style

We used the long weekend to put a pool in at our "ranch" property. We have a pool at our house and thought it was past time we put a pool in at the property. Look at that great Texas view; we hate to waste that during the hot Texas summers.

It's the same type of pool that ranch and farm kids have played in for years. My mother, a rancher's daughter, had one growing up.
Oh, you expected a real pool? Ha. Not happening for years...unless we win the lottery. It's a galvanized feed stock tank and I have to say, it works really well. It fits the four of us with enough room for a rowdy game of "Marco Polo." Plus, it adds character to our little piece of property. Why buy an inflatable pool from a store when you can get a galvanized feed tank from the farm supply store? 


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