Family Time-The Property

We get asked, so "What do you DO at the Property?"

We pick flowers.
The girls picked these for me
Em calls these the "Lorax Flower."
We Fish.
We haul a TON of limbs to burn-no pictures of that, I was too busy dragging limbs everywhere! By "we" hauling limbs, I mean me hauling limbs. While somebody (my husband-ahem) was off hunting and checking traps. 
We use that fire for s'mores. 
We (I) hope and pray there are no mice or scorpions in the cabin. 
We discover that M can make pitch perfect hen turkey calls.
I go for long runs on country roads. 
We make family time. 


  1. Basically it sounds like heaven.

  2. Sounds like some great bonding and memory making time!
    So glad you guys found a place.

  3. I have wondered this myself.

    And now I need to hear that hen turkey call.


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