Monday Musings

Musings a.k.a Brain Dump

I know I'm sick when my eyelids are hot. My husband thinks that is weird.

I'm beyond upset that I didn't win the lottery. Even worse, I only got 2 numbers out of about 10 tickets!

Yes, I know I had a minuscule chance, but I was ALL kinds of excited about it.

My birthday is in April; I love getting all the birthday discounts and freebies in the mail.

I do not love getting all the lame reminders- like getting all my CLE hours completed.

I keep forgetting that I can fast forward during taped TV. You have NO idea how many times I forget this.

I used juice boxes to pour myself juice the other day. My 21 year old self died of embarassment (after she peed herself laughing, I'm sure).

I'm not the only one who always wants Chick Fil A on Sunday, am I?

We're planning a beach vacation at the end of the summer and I literally can not wait. I keep day dreaming about it. Serious Spring fever.

We have never dyed Easter Eggs with our kids. They think all Easter eggs are plastic. It's environmentally friendly, sure. But, the real reason I do it is because I think hard boiled eggs are disgusting.

Egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, and pimento cheese- all GROSS.

Lunches and dinners with friends are good for your soul.

It takes me forever to make home decor purchases. This weekend, my husband "encouraged" me to purchase a chair we've needed. It seriously stressed me out to make a decision that quickly.

I might have changed my mind on the fabric today.

Ok, I did.

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  1. "I'm not the only one who always wants Chick Fil A on Sunday, am I?" Absolutely not.


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