Love Thursday- Dentist

My daughters are 5 and 7, which means it is prime tooth losing time in our house. My older daughter is usually pretty easy about getting her teeth out. She knows that once that tooth comes out, the tooth fairy is going to leave her money. That kid is a capitalist at heart and any money-making enterprise is an idea she can support! My younger daughter? Well, she's not so easily bribed. Over the past two weeks, she's been working on keeping her tooth in her mouth. It wasn't the first tooth she's lost, but it was the one giving her the most fits. That thing was holding on by a tiny little thread. It was, in my opinion, getting really disgusting. She couldn't eat with it, or talk, O WOE IS ME.

My daughter's dialogue for the past week: WOE IS ME. My tooth! My Tooth! Get away from me with your hand. I don't want you to even LOOK at my tooth. No way are you pulling it out. DRAMA-(throwing herself on various substances)- I'm just so Nervous about my tooth! O, woe is me. Repeat a gazillion times. Plus a gazillion tears.

Our dialogue- Please let us just LOOK at the tooth. See, it wants to come out. It's just a little pull, then you'll be done. It won't even hurt. We'll get ice cream. We'll paint your nails. We'll buy you a pony. Just let us get the dang tooth out.

Last night, after more tooth drama, I took my daughter into my lap to console her. And, right when she wasn't expecting it, reached in and yanked that nasty tooth out. Crisis over. Plus, the kid needed something to tell her therapist about when she's in her 30s complaining about how terrible her parents were!

Didn't seem so terrible this morning when she found a nice shiny gold dollar from the tooth fairy.

If reaching in and yanking your kid's tooth out isn't Love, I don't know what is. Because-ew, gross, yuck.

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  1. my mom ripped my tooth out once or twice. or she fed me cracking oat bran. that stuff was hard as rocks!!


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