Friday Favorite-Coral & Pink

So, that was a bummer of a week (RIP Skipper, you were a good cat). Even worse for my husband, it's like he had a little black cloud over his head all week. Onto something light & fluffy.

One of my girls favorite activities is for me to paint their nails. Woo! We lead an exciting life. As a result, we have ninetykabillion kinds of nail polish. I just got a new color called Trout Pout. It was kind of difficult to track down. Nobody had it locally. I ended up having to order it online. Grumble. But, super pretty. This color is reserved for mama only.
I can't wait to pair my coral/pink nails with my colored jeans-identified as the same ones Princess Catherine wore! I'd like to know if hers gape out when she bends down too because I do not like showing my knickers to everyone. I need a royal tailor to fix that. Maybe I'll add this scarf from Anthropologie to try to complete the Princess look?

Coral & Pink, my Friday Favorite.


  1. So, so sorry to hear about your cat. :(

  2. Sorry about Skipper. Our animals are totally part of the family! But on a happier note, I love the nail polish and am digging the coral jeans!


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