Monday Musings- Mulch and Manure

This weekend my husband was hard at work on the yard. He used an aerator, continued our planting from last weekend, mulched, and spread compost. At one point, our girls were being crazy, rolling around on the yard. He noticed that they were rolling around on top of where he spread the compost. The compost that contains manure. Y-e-a-h. When he told the girls, Em shrugged her shoulders and said, "Well, it's not like we won't get clean later in the bath." Lovely.

Not as funny, but more icky, we are giving home hospice care to one of our cats. We narrowly avoided having to put him down this weekend. After spending a lot of time at the vet, we got him well enough to come home. This is probably his last week with us and we're all upset. This particular cat has been with my husband for about 16-17 years. I've only been with my husband for 13 years!

Well, maybe not all of us are upset about the cat's imminent passing. While we were discussing kitty heaven, Em's eyes filled with tears. Her sister then asked "When the cats die, can we get goldfish?"

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