Monday Musings- Animal Hunts

I had an unanticpated crash course in animal life this weekend. My observations are courtesy of hours spent watching "Chimpanzee"and "Frozen Planet."

Did you know that chimpanzees eat other monkeys? I forgot about that...until we were watching the chimpanzee hunt a monkey in the movie. (Don't worry, it's not graphic.)

Em looked over at me with big eyes and asked incredulously, "Mommy, are they going to EAT another monkey?!!"

Killer whales are no joke people. I am equal parts sad for the seal and impressed by the whales' coordinated hunting.

Have you watched "Frozen Planet"? It's really interesting. There was one episode where the Inuit (I believe) go out to the edge of the ice two days a year, the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox, wait for the tide to go out at exactly the right moment (it takes soemthing like 6 hours). Once the waters recede, they get into the newly formed ice caverns below to hunt for mussels. They have 30 minutes before the tide comes back and drowns them. CRAZY. You've got to like mussels A Lot to do that.


  1. I watched the same thing this weekend! It was so crazy to see those whales in perfect unison knock that poor seal off.

  2. Warning. At the advice of my mother in law, I watched the premier with the kids and in the first ten minutes there was some animal loving. Luckily, the kids accepted the answer that they are mating and that's how they make new polar bears was good enough and there were no follow-ups. Of course, mom was not home at the time and no matter how the follow up would have gone, I surely would have been in trouble. For the other few hours we've watched together, no more graphic animal loving, although some of the battles to be the alpha male have also sparked interesting conversations with a 5 and 7-year old.


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