Friday Favorites- Watches

I might be one of the last people out there who wear watches everyday. I've been eyeing a leather and gold watch for some time. My husband has a great vintage watch from his grandfather with a huge gold face and brown leather strap and I LOVE it. Since I can't wear his vintage watch everyday, I've been thinking of getting something similar. Plus, I have a coupon and think now is a good time (HA HA!) to use it. Here are the watches I'm considering, any input??

via Piperlime

Timex Easy Reader- This looks similar to my husband's watch. At only $70, it is the cheapest (which I really like), but what if it isn't that nice in comparison? Yes, I can over think any decision, even buying a watch! It's a skill.

Via Piperlime

Michael Kors- I hate that I like this since I decided after Michael Kors' crazy Project Runway votes (Gretchen and Anya?!) that I'd never buy anything of his, but the man designs nice watches. And purses. ACK! I like how this is classic with a twist.

Via Nordstrom

Michael Kors- This watch is probably closest to the vintage watch I love, but it is back-ordered until the summer! Why even put it on the website? Grr.

Michael Kors- Rosegold. Love this color and I have loved this on everyone who wears it. I think it is so versatile and classic.

Of course, Kate Spade in gold and pink. LOVE it. But, alas, this isn't subject to my coupon. :(

Fun & Pretty watches- today's Friday Favorite.


  1. OOh I love that Timex watch! I have the large gold MK watch and I do like it, but see it everywhere. The Timex is a bit more unique.
    Have a great weekend and hope that this Friday is better than last! ;)

  2. i love the first two. really like the first kors one, but the timex holds its own and is classic.
    looking forward to hearing your decision!

  3. We must have the same taste in watches because I want all of those. That Kate Spade one is fabulous!


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