Friday Favorite-J Crew Drea Pumps

I don't think it's any secret that I love shoes. LOVE. I also love J. Crew. It probably isn't a great stretch to find out that some of my favorite shoes are J. Crew. My go to favorites in the Spring and Summer are the J. Crew Joely pumps I found awhile ago on eBay. Unfortunately, they stopped selling them through J. Crew.
A little while ago, my friend Emily told me about the J. Crew Drea pumps. An exact match for the Joely pumps, with a little added shine. Cue the angels. Unfortunately J. Crew knows how perfect these shoes are and priced them a bit high. UNTIL this week when I discovered they are on sale In Store only. Boo-yah. Momma has a new pair of peep toes. *While the shoes are still a bit pricey, they really are worth it- fairly low pumps (maybe a 2 inch heel) and ridiculously comfortable. The J. Crew Drea pumps (On Sale!) my Friday Favorite.


  1. Very cute!! I keep finding myself in 4 inch heels at work, crazy stupid.
    Happy spring break week~

  2. Thanks for keeping me in the loop on the sale! Like I need any encouragement to buy another pair! :)


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