Brightness & Bluebonnets

This past week was hard. Really hard. In fact, Friday was probably one of the worst days I've had in some time. By Friday afternoon, I was ready to just give up. (It should be noted that, while my week and day were totally crappy, it is nothing life threatening. Just completely crappy.) Then, good friends sent their support and a box of chocolates appeared courtesy of one of my clients. My day instantly got better. It's actually happened to me twice lately- where I had completely crappy Fridays and-out of the blue- clients sent small gifts. Completely unusual and completely unexpected. But, what a game changer. So, I've decided to repay the kindness I've received with my own random acts of kindness. Before Easter I'm gonna spread some cheer, man.
Here is a bouquet of wildflowers for you to start (I took this today at Memorial Park)-aren't they gorgeous? Another sign that making it through the worst often turns out more beautiful than you imagined. We made it through such a terrible summer drought, to be rewarded by a bumper crop of gorgeous wildflowers this Spring. Now, to plant some cheer!


  1. So sorry to hear such a bad day! But those bluebonnets are beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. I'm sorry that your Friday was so ugly! Wish we could've chatted more yesterday. Love this pic of bluebonnets~ I haven't caught a glimpse of any just yet.
    Here's to a new week!!


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