Shopping with Eddie Ross (and Tori Spelling)

Jaithan, me, Eddie

A few weeks ago I was able to go to one of Eddie Ross' flea market shopping trips. Eddie & Jaithan picked the biggest antique market in Texas (Roundtop/Warrenton/Marburger) to shop. I had been looking forward to shopping with Eddie for almost a year and was not disappointed. We concentrated mostly on Warrenton since the prices in Marburger and Round Top are getting higher and higher. Eddie and Jaithan previewed the day before and had certain booths set aside to explain different items and techniques. I learned how to negotiate at markets (I am usually the WORST negotiator. I'm great in legal negotiations, but purchasing items? No); so that was well worth the price of admission. Eddie pointed out items that I might have normally overlooked. He showed us how to create table displays, furniture groupings, etc. It was really interesting and really helpful. I didn't end up with too many things. In fact, everything Eddie showcased on our walk-through was gone by the time my friend and I went back to the booths after lunch! Eddie clearly has great taste, he sold them out. Actually, a group of ladies on the tour with us went and bought almost every item he pointed out. The ones that got away?- an AMAZING pair of purple mid-century glass lamps (think Z Gallerie) for $90 the pair. I racked my brains about where could I use them...DUH- the master bedroom. Alas, they were gone by the time we got back to that booth. Shoot. Lesson learned: when in doubt, buy them out! I can't wait to go back to Warrenton in the fall with my new tips of the trade.
I was happy after meeting Eddie & Jaithan and learning so many great tips. But, wait! There's more!

While looking around an architectural dealer for barn lights, I spied this man. And immediately knew he was Dean McDermott. I was sort of tipped off by the camera & crew around him. By the way, he is incredibly tall and MUCH hotter than he comes across on television. Like, OMG so HOT. Since the whole crew, including Patty (what? You don't know the name of Tori's nanny?! Pshaw?!) were there with a tour bus, I knew Tori had to be there as well.

After walking around a little bit more, we found Tori. I didn't get a picture since she had just finished taking pictures with at least 40 other people. She was very gracious about all the pictures and also much prettier in real life. I desperately wanted to get a picture, but I don't bother people when they are shopping. Obviously this woman didn't mind bothering someone while they were shopping!
If you ever get the chance to go shopping with Eddie & Jaithan, do it! You'll learn great decorating, shopping, and party tips and might run into celebrities along the way!


  1. Great pic of you with them and fun post! Glad you were able to snap Tori and Dean for us too.

  2. Fun! Hope to see you again in the fall!! Maybe I can learn some of Eddie's tips and maybe we will have another celeb spotting!!

  3. Wow such a great trip! I had seen Tori tweeting about being there. So cool!


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