Friday Favorite- Spring Dresses

Big surprise that two of my favorite Spring dresses include this dress from Anthropologie. I am (im)patiently waiting for my birthday discount so I can buy this. It would be perfect for Easter or our family pictures, or pretending like I'm Donna Reed. I love the silhouette and the colors. I haven't seen this in person, but can't wait to try it on!
Shabby Apple has a new line that I love. I may have mentioned before that I really like wearing Shabby Apple dresses. They have a great vintage vibe and are unique enough so that nobody else will wear your dress. At least, nobody has shown up in the same dress as I have before. I love this striped dress, it looks so fresh and fun. I think stripes are great for Spring (and Summer, and Fall...). This would make a great Easter dress or for a fun family photo. It reminds me of something Anthropologie would sell, which makes it A-ok in my book.

*Not a paid post, I just really love these dresses.

Pretty Spring dresses are my Friday Favorites today.


  1. Super cute! You should contact them and see if they'll pay you to post about them...

  2. I love these! My shape is not a good one for belted stuff.... sigh.... but love, love, love.... You'd look adorable!

  3. I have a bunch of dresses from Shabby Apple bookmarked. I really need to order one. That one you posted is so pretty!

  4. I adore that first Anthropologie's one of my favorites too! I hope you get it with your b-day discount :)

  5. Very cute dresses! I'd never heard of Shabby Apple but I received an email from them last week. Better go check it out.
    Happy Monday Elz.


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