The University of Texas in Pictures

Cloudy with a Chance of Bitterness
I was in Austin this weekend with some good friends. Thankfully I did not attend the "game" (I use that term very loosely-Gah ARGH). After the "game," I desperately needed to run and headed for campus. I was not disappointed. I managed to run off most of my frustration with the Texas coaching staff and saw some favorite spots as I ran. I took these shots from various points using my phone-gotta love lightweight technology. (By the way, anyone have ideas for super small, lighweight cameras I could take with me on runs?)

The Tower (and "six pack") with gloomy skies. It's like God was upset with the Longhorns too!

The Stadium. Usually a place for much celebration. Notsomuch lately.The fountain outside the LBJ Library. I used to study on the right side of that hill in the Spring.

It was really fun to run through campus and not have to worry about an exam or paper. But, it would have been MUCH better if we'd won the game! Remember to stop by Draft Day later for my Big 12 recap.


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