Friday Favorite- Accessories Edition

Photo via Kate Spade

It’s no secret, I love clothes and fashion. After really looking for certain items over the past few years, I feel like my closet is pretty much what I need. (Except, I really need ALL the dresses from Mad Men, especially the black one Megan wore in the Season finale. Really really need that one). Now, my focus has turned to getting just the right accessories.

While looking at some shoes I adore, I found these bracelets at Kate Spade and I have to say that I love them. I have the black, brown, and pink. There are great discounts on Kate Spade about every month or two and eBay has a really brisk market for her accessories. I love stacking and mixing and matching bracelets and these are perfect to wear from work to evening.

Photo Darlybird

I have a definite vintage/retro asthetic and so Darlybird is one of my favorite places to shop. It’s a lot like a mom and pop version of Anthropologie. I am loving these and this right now.

Photo EmersonMade

I decided this week that what I really needed for my gray and navy suits, blazers, and dresses was a yellow flower, or a red one. I am in love with the pin on flowers from EmersonMade. One of my friends scolded me for looking at EmersonMade saying, “Elz, you can make one of those.” Why, yes, I can. Project-added for next weekend.

Accessories-the perfect Friday Favorite!


  1. Be sure and post the pix of your pin once you make it. :)

  2. Love those KS bracelets... and the yellow flower clip on the blazer...

  3. How can you not smile with a big flower like that?

  4. If you would have been wearing those last weekend, I would have stolen them OFF YOUR BODY. Super cute!


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