Making Our Mark

We discovered this signature in our guest bedroom last night. Em (our first grader) recently learned how to write her name in cursive and is obsessed with writing it everywhere. She has really nice handwriting, so it's hard to not encourage her. This little signature actually made me smile and not just because she has nice penmanship.
I moved fairly often when I was growing up-usually once every three years (my father was in the military). So, I never really had a childhood home. It was really important to me to give my kids a permanent home. (I loved moving around and experienced so many wonderful things. However, I always wondered what it would be like to grow up with the same people/neighborhood.) I chuckled when we found her signature because I knew I didn't have to worry about it. I know that my kids can make their mark on this house and we can keep it. All our permanent marks, visible or invisible, are part of the process of making this house our home. Also, it's in our guest bedroom and fairly hidden, so it wasn't worth getting too upset.

Do you have any marks in your house? My sister in law punched a hole in her wall to hide candy wrappers, notes, etc that was discovered years after she moved out.


  1. Yay for good homes and good penmanship! ;)

    I discovered said hole from K (then aged 14) in a previous house.

    Can't say I took it nearly as well as you did.

  2. Hahaha that's hilarious. That cracks me up about your sister in law too. And yes, we have plenty of marks around here too, and I wish I had your attitude about them. I don't find them near as cute. :)

  3. is that in the carpet?

    awesome. :]

  4. My parents had a huge beautiful dining table in our home when I was little. It had these large carved legs. I used to like hiding under the table. I discovered to my surprise that my younger sister had written her name in crayon on the table underside. So that's what she did when she spent time hiding under there. I never told anyone what I saw. Funny how kids will write their name on things never thinking it's a dead give away. Your story was so cute.

  5. I can't help but smile!
    My daughter was home for the weekend for a little wedding dress shopping. She and her friends got together and told stories I'd never heard. They all leave marks on our hearts and in our homes.

  6. My daughter never was one to write on stuff, but she was always sticking stickers everywhere. She's way past that stage now, but to this day I have a naked Spongebob on my microwave.


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