Who, What, Where, Why, and How?

My first blog post-available to the public. I'm such a perfectionist that I deleted my first several attempts, they were truly heinous. I am a proud Texan, living in a big city, who has no free time between work, family, and various activities. Basically, I am like most people you know. I was introduced to blogging years ago by Karen,, who showed me her Christmas post on Santa at Mass. I was hooked. Now, I would say I am somewhere between addicted and a webfan. So, not pretty! Actually, I find that blogging has been a great idea community for me. I have learned a ton of great photography tips from Karen, MckMama, and Ree to name a few. I have gotten great decorating ideas from Layla, Kimba, and the great minds at ohdeedoh. Mir shows me every day how to save money. And Gabrielle, Kristen, and others provide daily inspiration and ideas.

After enough people encouraged me to start my own blog, I am finally throwing my hat in. We'll see how this goes. While I won't say never, I am not expecting huge traffic, book deals, or cool trips. Although, I will always take chocolate if anyone wants to throw some at me!! I am doing this because, as much as I love my friends, they do not share my obsessions: Longhorn football, decorating, crafting, and pop culture. So, I'm hoping I can find and connect with "my people" online.

What you will likely find is that I am trying to find my voice. I expect that my blog will be a little like Melanie (her husband P and my husband could be separated at birth-except for the whole Aggie thing), a little like T, maybe, on a good day as funny as Jenny (No, I will never be that funny!). It's a learning process and I hope you enjoy the process with me.

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