The Poor Didn't Want This One

We have a Thanksgiving Donation basket in our office. I went in last week to make my donation and was very unfortunately reminded about "The Sound of Music." Not because I don't love "The Sound of Music," because I do. Who doesn't? Who can argue with traipsing around Austria singing songs in curtains while teaching history along the way. Well, maybe the Nazis but they don't really count. Anyway... There is a scene in "The Sound of Music" just after Maria arrives at the Von Trapp house where the Captain comments on her dress. Maria states that when she joined the abbey, all her worldly possessions/clothes were donated to the poor. Captain Von Trapp then asks: "What about this one?", Maria: "The poor didn't want this one." I'm paraphrasing, but that's the gist.

So, as I was putting in my box and cans I noticed a few interesting donations that I feel certain belong in the "Poor didn't want this one" category.
1) several jars of spaghetti sauce, that expired two years ago!
2) numerous cans of sardines and anchovies. I am thinking these were donated by the same individual because how many people use sardines and anchovies on a regular basis? A distinct few, I imagine.
3) multiple jars of Dried Beef Product. Ew ew blech, vomit, ew. Yuk. Clear Glass jars containing "Dried Beef Product (DPB)." Exactly what constitutes DPB? Definitely more 'dried' than 'beef' by my observation. It appeared to be something akin to a dried cow's tongue. All gross. I feel nauseous remembering it. So nasty.

If you hear any news reports of widespread illness from "donations" to the Food Bank, you will know which office to blame.

*I donated boxed mac n cheese and soups. All were recently purchased.*

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