Hook 'em Horns!

Football talk commencing in 3,2,1...
I'm amazed I haven't posted a football post yet. I love talking Texas Football when we are having a good season. I guess the definition of this year's season is confusing me. Technically, the team has had a good season, maybe even great-no losses and currently 3rd in BCS rankings. If we win the final two games of the season, the Texas Longhorns will once again be where they belong, in the National Championship game at the Rose Bowl. That said, I don't think this team is as great as they could be. or, as great as they should be. I think about last year's games and those were more exciting, more spectacular, more gelled. I want that dynamic spirit back. (I still want the wins though!!). I think about the 2005 Championship team and they were just fantastic-all season. Amazing.

I love Colt McCoy, partly because his name is 100% Texas Quarterback. Also, he is crazy accurate and seems like such a great leader and motivator. He's made some great plays, but this year it seems like his receivers are doing most of the work. I want more long passes for scores. I'd like to see more games like Colorado. I think my biggest problem is with the offensive play-calling. Of course, I've had problems with offensive calls in past seasons. Believe me. However, the Texas Defense and Will Muschamp have been fan-freaking-tastic. Love, swoon. Texas D, you are the reason the team has done as well as it has. Those guys rock.

I hope we continue to win out. Statistically we should. But, you never know. If we go to the Big 12, I think Nebraska is going to play hard. There's nothing a team likes more than to upset. (If you think about tit though, teams should root for their conference to be represented int he National Championship game, it can only reflect well on the strength of the Conference. But, I digress. And, yes, I was pissed that Oklahoma was there last year but only because that was OUR SPOT and we was robbed, robbed!!)

I hope to go the the Rose Bowl to watch Texas defeat an Sec team. The 2005 National Championship team won at the Rose Bowl, and they won against the odds. Also, the Texas team beat an USC team with a Heisman quarterback...hmm, similarities. I would be more than happy to see a replay of that game, as long as Colt pulls a Vince Young move at the end of the game to win!!

Those are my thoughts just before the last regular season game. Hopefully we can chalk up another W tomorrow. As one of my friends says, a W is a W, one point or 70 points. God, I love Texas Longhorn Football.

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