I am Thankful

Today is a day of thanks for all Americans. I have a lot to be thankful for, I was able to spend a relaxing day with my immediate family. We were thankful because my brother just arrived from his tour of duty in Iraq on Monday, so he was able to be home safe and sound with his wife and young son (cutest nephew). This year also brought my sister back safe from her tour of duty in Afghanistan. We hope this marks the last combat tour for our family for awhile (my dad, brother in law, sister, and brother have all gone to the Middle East or Afghanistan in the past few years!). I'm thankful that I am able to enjoy a wonderful meal with my family, good cooking, great conversation, and enjoy a little football along the way. I am blessed and very thankful. Every day. The little things that we take for granted-kisses from my children, having enough food on the table, health, living free, mean so much more today.

I am thankful for this day and all it brings. The following is a short prayer I said at a recent Thanksgiving celebration: Dear Lord, we offer our thanks today: For our children, each a blessing from you and the hope they represent; for the families gathered here and for our families who can't be with us today. May we all be ever thankful for our blessings. May this food nourish and strengthen us to be better representations of what is good and to always strive to be better.

I'm also thankful that Colt McCoy read my last post and has sent up some bigger passes today. Ok, I'm sure he did not read my last post. But, still, he is super focused tonight-as are the receivers and RBs. Wish we could have a stronger showing, but...May today also bring a Texas victory. Amen

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