Discount for Folks who Hate to Iron!

Today and Tomorrow Only!

Brooks Brothers is having a great sale on their non-iron, no wrinkle shirts 2/$99 That may not sound like a great deal, but it is worth every penny. I never pay full price for anything, especially clothes. However, these shirts are truly an investment piece. They absolutely live up to their name and have great quality and craftsmanship. A co-worker turned me on to these shirts when I initially thought that there is no way that I would ever, ever, ever pay that much for a shirt. She was 100% correct. Someone at Brooks Brothers has a deal with the devil because the shirts are too good to be true! I have tried other shirts advertised similar to these from major retailers like... cough... BR and JCrew, and even Ann Taylor. But, none even came close to these. Since I have the readership of zero right now, I feel confident that no one will hear about this great deal. But, I plan on posting deals like this in the future, so here it is.

In case anyone ever reads this and you work for Brooks Brothers design, can you expand the color to include brown and red? K thanx bai-kisses.

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