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I came home from a four day business trip from a very windy and cold Baltimore-and less than 12 hours later headed out to the property. That was some serious culture shock- Northern city on the water to rural Texas.

Baltimore was actually really cool (and COLD), but that town must have some sort of exclusivity agreement with Pepsi. I'm a Coke girl. It took me a day to find a place that served Coke or a convenience store that sold them! Two hotels- no Cokes. I don't drink coffee, so Coke is my caffeine and I was dragging from the early morning meetings and time change. But, man, the food was Amazing. And, I'm a food snob.

The girls and I went exploring looking for bluebonnets and found fairy houses, tons of cacti, even a "mini Grand Canyon," but sadly very few Bluebonnets. I guess last Fall was too dry for them. While we were exploring, we stopped by my husband's newest project- a wild hog trap. He told me to look for a new "white deer shed." OK. I thought it was bizarre that we wouldn't have seen a deer blind/shed before since we've had the property for a couple years now. But, off we went. The girls and I drove over where he told me it was and looked, and looked, and nothing. I told him we couldn't find anything. Later on he took us out to the spot where there was a white deer shed-antler! Like, when they outgrow their antlers--like these for $50. Seriously.

We stay in our cabin while we are at the Property. A short distance away is a shed. My husband was rummaging about in there looking for God knows what for his pig trap project when he found a BLACK WIDOW spider. WTH?? He told me, "Don't worry, Black Widows don't go into houses. Not like Brown Recluses." Oh, great. That is NOT helping. Obviously, I'm never going back.

Our Property has a number of "retro salvage" pieces on it- old glass, rusted cans, barbed wire, etc. We tell the girls that they get a quarter for every piece they find -mostly so old barbed wire won't poke holes in our tires. This weekend they made over $3.00 each. Quite a racket! I'm sure we could Craigslist some of our "finds" for more than a quarter considering deer antlers are going for $50!

Speaking of Craigslist, I'm in the midst of spray painting an awesome dresser I found on Craigslist. I think I'm probably the most talented spray painter ever- I can get spray paint on the bottom of my feet. I have no idea.

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  1. I had to laugh... I don't know a black widow from a brown recluse. They both sound like spiders to me!!


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