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I have to tell you about this baby shower I went to for a friend of mine. My friend is expecting her first child and most of her friends are new moms themselves. It's so funny to see all these new moms and first time moms to be now-eight years after I was one. I just wanted to sit everybody down, give them a glass of wine, and very forcefully (but politely) tell them to "Chill Out." I mean, they stressed me out. One lady was shocked that her 2 year old daughter came home from day care and said the word "Princess." Shocked! I mean, she never lets her play with gender specific toys, and only gives her superhero toys, and there is no pink, and she shows her daughter the President's picture every day. Um, yeaahhhh. You're going to need to Chill the F out. Also, shouldn't you be showing her Elizabeth Cady Stanton or Eleanor Roosevelt or Margaret Thatcher's picture? If you're going to quiz your toddler daughter, use the right public figure-Gah! (Kidding, I think it's RIDICULOUS to flashcard toddlers.) At least wait until they are 4. Kidding.

There were a lot of fun parts too, like discovering Izze soda. Hello, delicious. Why hasn't anyone told me about this before? Yummy. Slightly addicted.

Also, slightly addicted to Craigslist. I got another great piece of furniture for the bonus room this weekend. Despite my husband's grumbling, "But whhhhy do we need another dresser? We can just move things around." Until my daughter said, "Daddy, mommy wants a new style." From the mouths of babes.

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  1. There are some nutty parents out there! I think the biggest thing parents forget about having a kid is just enjoying time with them instead of pushing to get to the next milestone. I like to incorporate fun + learning, but I'll never get ridiculous with it. Flashcards with a toddler? Yikes. I'd like to hear more about what these women talked about, sounds like you had an interesting time!

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