Friday Favorite-Game Day Outfit

FOOTBALL starts tomorrow!!!! I'm so excited. (Prayer- Please, Lord, let this season be better than last season. I know that isn't too hard since last season was a (Greg Davis) abomination. I'm not going to be greedy. How about just a 10 win season? Like we used to have? AMEN)

To get ready for some football, let's talk football fashion.

A couple months ago, Karen introduced me to Striped Shirt. As it turns out, Karen's friend, Laura, came up with a way to fill the gap in fan-fashion. By that I mean, Laura figured out a way to make a shirt that real women can wear to a football game, the grocery store, the park, etc without looking like a walking billboard or worrying about things showing that shouldn't be. That gap is filled by Striped Shirt. I really think these shirts are a gift to female fans everywhere. I love to dress up for game day. In the South you HAVE to dress up for game day. That's not to say that I don't have t-shirts emblazoned with a 13-0 record, or proclaiming 2005 National Champions (of course, I do!). But, I don't really wear those out and about. Truth be told, I mostly wear those to annoy my OU fan husband! I have dresses that I wear to games-yes, it's a Southern thing. But, I had no nice t-shirts for game day. I was excited to be provided with an Orange & White t-shirt to review and I love it.

Foremost I love that it is an alternative to game day dressing that doesn't involve a logo emblazoned across my body, or involve glitter, or ride up when I put my arms up for that Touchdown! Or yell at the ref. I also love that the shirt has held up really well to multiple wearings and washings. As is my practice, I wanted to take my (*free) Striped Shirt out before I reported to y'all. I've worn this short several times, washed, etc. The colors have stayed true and there has been no shrinkage or pilling. The best part is that the shirt is SUPER soft. Like ridiculously soft and actually very light and airy. It has become one of my go-to tops. Striped Shirt doesn't have every team color yet, but several big ones are there. I'm planning on getting another Orange and White shirt for M and a Crimson and White shirt for Em (she supports her daddy's Sooners!). I forgot to mention, the shirts are all under $20. At that price, you can get a whole conference worth of shirts...if you know what conference your team is in! I'll definitely keep wearing this top. I'm thinking it will be adorable with a khaki shirt, some brown boots and a belt for game day. I'll definitely be wearing it when we drive up for the TX v OU game this year!

My Friday Favorite- Striped Shirt

*I was provided a Striped Shirt free of charge. However, all the views represented in this post are my own. I really love this fashionable way to support your favorite team without looking like a walking billboard. Plus, I'm using my own money to buy more, so that should tell you something!


  1. Ordering one of those for sure. Hook 'em.

  2. These are great! I had to order a GIANT sized Ducks shirt for this season (because I didn't want a shirt that said "Future Oregon Quarterback!" with arrows pointing to my belly). But, I'll bookmark this for next year.

  3. So glad you're loving your Striped Shirt! Me too! I'll be wearing mine tomorrow as Longhorns kick off! {and dreaming of a weather change where I can wear their equally soft t-shirt wrap too.}

    Go Horns!!

  4. Never seen those shirts- very cute! Heading to check out some non-Texas teams....sorry. ;)
    Have a great holiday weekend.


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