Craft Day- Silhouette Success!

I loved having an extra day this weekend, I got to snuggle my sweet baby nephew, do some shopping, swimming, and finally some crafting! This weekend the girls and I worked on the cutest art project. Silhouette projects are all over, literally everywhere. I love the idea of silhouettes, but never found exactly what I wanted to do. I saw a monogram using dot paint (I believe it was on kirtsy) and thought, hmm...well, that's the start of an idea. I could do silhouettes using dot paints (I must say I thought that was a brilliant idea). We recently repainted and redecorated the girls' room (more pictures & posts coming, it is seriously cute!). The new room is great but needed a few personal touches.

I had a couple extra canvases lying around, so I decided to use them. I took a profile picture of each girl, magnified it and taped around the picture on a canvas. I found that the easiest way to do this is to tape all over the canvas, then trace around the picture and just cut around the picture. I gave each girl a huge selection of paint colors and dot brushes and let them go crazy.

Here they are in the drying stage. I found it really interesting that each girl had exactly the same colors, but their paintings look completely different.

I think the end result is adorable.

I'm linking this project up because I LOVE it so!

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