Life in a List

Not to be confused with a Life List. I have all these ideas and no time, or time but no ideas. So, you get a list. Exciting, I know.
  • I was going to blog, but then it was Sunday, 9/11 and it deserved Something. I didn't have something. I wrote and erased and wrote and erased.
  • My husband took Em hunting this weekend. She said she had a blast, until she came home and saw that I painted her sister's nails. Then, she said "She got her nails painted and all I got was a mosquito bite."
  • I had a Groupon for a Keratin/Brazilian Blow-out. I was really excited to have pretty, pretty Breck girl hair. It's been about a month and- eh. I think I'll be going natural.
  • I made the CUTEST birthday invitations ever. Even the printing guy was impressed. Credit where it's due-here.
  • I am loving the new color in the girls' room. The perfect girls' room color. Shout out to my friend Heidi for painting and repainting with me!
  • Cross-Fit is no joke. My super fit friend, Karla, ended up in the hospital after a work-out. That is unreal. Scary stuff.
  • I am really loving hearing "McCoy to Shipley" commentary at Texas Football games again. Also hoping to hear more "Touchdown-Texas!"
  • I went to Michael's to get supplies for a couple projects. I made a special trip so I could use my 50% off coupon. I was sort of ticked to find out that what I needed was on sale for 60% off, so I couldn't use my coupon. Um, yeah...50% off or 60% off. Not too bright.
  • It's hard to find a good dustbuster.
  • I spent an hour looking for my address book. My organization system sucks.
  • Photoshop drove me to drink. Anyone know of any great classes, books, or tutorials?


  1. Oh gosh, you are hilarious with this list. I love the "all I got was a mosquito bite" comment. Priceless!

  2. Very cute list! The party invites are absolutely adorable!!! Naya took the 'top secret' a bit far and wouldn't show us at first...
    Have a great rest of the week.


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