A Glittery Shining Christmas

Christmas through the house

Come on in. You can thank me since this is a short tour-I cut WAY down on what I was going to post! I love Christmas and it's hard for me to stop decorating.
I like to decorate the chandelier in our dining room with ribbons for parties and holidays. For Christmas, I add a few ornaments on varying lengths of ribbon. A little pop of festive color.
Our tree; we have an artificial tree that is PRE-LIT (Amen, cue choirs of angels). We ended up artificial after one year when we found thousands of baby spiders in the tree (GROSS-shudder). I usually drape a bunch of ribbon on the tree and scaled back a bit this year. I've seen trees with tied bows all over and think I might do that next year. The red shows up brown for some reason in this picture (new photo editing tools I haven't quite gotten the hang of)-the ribbons and angel are both a deep red.
I have so many precious ornaments, this year's ornament is from Paloma's Nest. Sweet, handmade, with a Southern drawl. Yes.
I have a ton of garlands up. A couple on the mantel, matching garlands on the staircase...
A ton. One of my favorites is the simple twine and art garland with some of the girls' artwork.
One of my easiest and best ideas- my Christmas card display. It's basically necessity being the mother of invention- I needed a way to display all the photo cards we receive, I had some extra ribbon-tape, staples, voila. There's even a card or two from some of my favorite bloggers & friends!
The last thing you see in our house is this great antique tin sign. I love it.
I'm linking this post to the Nester's Holiday party , Kelly's Show Us Your Life Holiday Home Tour, and Julia's Holiday House Tour (What? I love Christmas decorations, people!) but reserve the right to add and edit as time goes by because I really love my Christmas decor and having to cut it down? Well, I'm feeling all jittery about that!


  1. I love seeing my little one's card hanging on your ribbon. ;) Your tree is beautiful Elz and I especially love the art work garland!
    Merry Christmas!!

  2. it is all wonderful, but i just love that twine and kids' art!

  3. Beautifully decorated, and maybe it's just the teacher in me, but that reindeer is speaking to me! :-)

  4. Love your card display, I'll have to try that! Visting from the Nester!

  5. Just reading about baby spiders gave me goosebumps. I'd make my husband burn the house down.

    Love the southern ornament! And, of course, the kids art garland....I'm helpless to resist anything with handprints ;)

  6. Very nice! Definitely fun, festive, and geared for family--love the girls' artwork. And the ornaments hanging from the chandelier. Might have to try that at my house.... ;)

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! I need mush longer ribbons like you have for the Christmas cards. After today's mail, mine are full!


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