Friday Favorite- Christmas Wish List

I got one of my biggest wishes (been on my list for years) this week when Texas FINALLY got rid of Greg Davis. I could write endlessly about why I think Greg Davis was ineffective as the OC, except for his contribution to recruiting...suffice it to say that I am thrilled to have gotten this Christmas wish already! Kate Spade Charm Shoes- are these not the perfect shoe? Everything about this shoe screams, "I enjoy being a girl." Totally impractical, except for those few special occasions where this pair of shoes would quite literally make the outfit. I am in swoon. Wow, Kate Spade has my number.

Kate Spade Kylie shoes. Ok, I admit it, I already have these. I waited for months and found these on super duper sale and snatched those puppies up. LOVE.


Wonder Woman comic book coffee table book. I have loved Wonder Woman since I was a child; I take feminism and woman power seriously! I think this book would be such a pretty addition to my coffee table. Some of my favorite Christmas gifts from years past have a Wonder Woman theme, this would just add to that list.

Anything on your Christmas List? Share your Friday Favorites with me.


  1. Those are some fabulous 'girly' shoes. We are going dancing tonight... I could just stand in the middle of the floor and the world would think I was dancing in those little jewels!
    Another friday's favorite for sure :-)

  2. that wonder woman book looks fantastic! although she really resembles brooke shields...

  3. Amen to Greg Davis being gone! And I was looking at those sparkly Kate Spade shoes online the other day and love them!


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