The Best Gift I Ever Gave

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40th Birthday (Non) Surprise Party

One of my talents (at least I think it is) is finding the perfect gift for the person and occasion. I know that the perfect gift isn't always the most expensive, grandiose, or trendy item (although sometimes, for a certain person, it can be). The perfect gift takes planning and thinking about what the recipient wants. There are a number of gifts I've given whre I think I knocked it out of the park, but this one I know I did. I think big birthdays are a cause for major celebration. My husband turned 40 this summer. He's not a big birthday person AT ALL. He's not a big gift person either. He doesn't really like much of a fuss made over him. However, I think he's outstanding. I LOVE this man. Really, truly, madly, deeply. Still. Every day....OK, enough schmoopy...I started thinking about his birthday about a year in advance. I really wanted to make his birthday special. I initially wanted to try to arrange a hunt at one of the lodges he loves to hunt. But, his birthday is in the summer and it's not great hunting weather (around one million degrees). So, I started operation semi-surprise-40th Birthday Extravaganza/Bonanza!

Since hunting was out, I went to Plan B- Texas country getaway. We love going to our friend's property in the Hill Country. (Just search the archives, I think there are 40 posts about the Texas Hill Country!) So, I knew he'd love spending time at a country getaway with friends. I narrowed down the invite list with a little (unknown) help from the birthday boy himself and began the process of finding a place and a time for everyone to join in the celebration. I was excited about planning a big party, decorations, invitations, putting up photo decorations of my husband, etc. I was ALL OVER IT. Then, I realized the one thing that made this HIS best gift ever- I stopped doing what I wanted to do and started planning the birthday He wanted. In fact, I ended up telling him about the weekend to make sure it was what he wanted. He was very excited about the idea. It turned out to be pretty low key. It was a weekend full of friends, family, beverages, food, fishing, and just being. It lacked the decor, coordinating invites and favors I envisioned. But, it didn't matter; it was perfect for him. The party weekend was about six months ago. I know it was the best gift I gave him because he still talks about how perfect it was. My husband really loved his birthday weekend non surprise party; which makes it the best gift I've given him. I'm sure being married to me is gift enough for him, but this was pretty nice too!

Do you have special gift giving talents? What's the best gift you ever gave?

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  1. And it was pretty darned fantabulous- I must say.
    Even more bonus? You sort of gave that 40th birthday party to several other men!


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