Monday Musings

I am worn out and in the middle of one of those nasty cold/pressure/sinus things. Thankfully that waited to come upon me until after I finished a business trip. Small mercies.

I tried having a teachable moment ala "Lean In" when talking to my daughters about being called "Bossy" at school (totally true, btw). Let's just hope that feminism and leadership soak in over a series of lessons because today I was met with blank stares. Sigh.
*Edited to add*- it sank in! Em just told her sister, "You can either be a leader or be bossy." I'll call that a success.

Can you guess what these are?
Em guessed Dodo birds. Ha!
Baby vultures, found in a hunting blind on the Property. Apparently not pleased to be discovered. There goes my theory that all baby animals are cute.

I travel pretty frequently now and could write a book on lessons and observations learned from business  travel. Chief among them, "Don't be a d---- if you're running late and going to miss your plane to the rest of use who aren't." Directed at the two guys, I rode over in the rental car shuttle with who failed to leave enough time and then pushed through security because of it. D---heads. Followed closely by the guy who came pushing through the final TSA security line (where they scan your stuff) asking to cut in line because he had a flight in 4 minutes. There is NO WAY you are making that flight. Buy a freaking watch.

I just started watching "Downton Abbey" and finished the first season (thank you airport delays---sigh). Can I just say, WTF with O'Brien? And Thomas is a little crap weasel. I hope they both get their comeuppance. My friend Pam told me it only gets crazier for O'Brien from here, so...seriously, I will be so upset if nothing bad happens to her. 

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