Friday Favorite-Vacation Decor

My husband and I took this amazing vacation earlier this year. the resort was spectacular for a number of reasons, one was the decor. Everything they did, I loved. In fact, we came home and copied some of the hotel's decor both inside and outside! One thing we both really liked were the outdoor decorations-locally made hand blown glass ornaments hanging on the trees. It was such a cool effect, especially at night with twinkling lights all around.
We bought a few glass pieces in Cabo, but as soon as we came home, we realized we should have bought more. I figured it would be easy to find in Texas. We have TONS of Mexican import places. Turns out, it wasn't so easy. In fact, I didn't find any glass ornaments/balls until I went on a business trip to Baltimore(!) months later and discovered Arhaus. I was afraid the store was going to be very frou-frou and expensive; it really wasn't. The staff was super helpful and they had reasonable prices-at least on glass balls and hearts! I found a few in Baltimore, and bought a few more when I came back to Houston.
My husband hung them on our pergola. I was afraid the glass might break during a storm, or crash into our metal Dorado/Mahi Mahi (also picked up in Cabo to remind us of our deep sea fishing experience). So far, so good. He hung all the pieces using mega strength fishing line. Hopefully they will stay. I love the finished look. It remind us of an awesome vacation. Our own little bit of paradise in the backyard.
Friday Favorite- a Favorite vacation right at home!


  1. Looks great! Is the pergola new?

  2. i have considered glass outdoors, but cringe at the breakage potential. love the look!
    fingers crossed for ya!

  3. i like that. it's a great way to remember a good time.


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