The Worst Run Ever

On Mondays, I usually muse. Nothing to muse about today. Only definites. I definitely need to write this down so I never make the same mistake again. I definitely had the worst run ever Sunday. I definitely will never run another race sick. I definitely will not run another race unprepared (even if I have stupidly done that in the past). I definitely will only run races with lots of port o potty options- seriously, San Antonio, we waited for at least 4 minutes to pee. Unacceptable. Sunday I "ran" the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in San Antonio. It was my worst race ever. I ran the 1/2 slower than I've ever run; closer to 3 hours than to the 2:30 I thought I'd run. Blech.

I was sick, ill prepared, and not nearly determined enough to make it to the finish line. I have lots of reasons things went downhill. It boils down to- I wasn't trained or ready. I ran a race sick and that was a stupid idea. I barely made it to the finish line and only because our friend was there to hold me up throughout the entire race. I wish you could see the race pictures, there is one shot where I look like I am either about to cry or murder someone. I thought about both, but didn't have the energy to do either.

I'm hoping that since I've now reached the bottom (I really couldn't run much slower), I'll turn over some fabulously fast leaf and run like the wind from now on. Ha ha ha. Nope, really I just want it in writing so I remember how terrible Sunday was so I never run sick or unprepared again. As God as my witness, I will never be so stupid (about running) again.


  1. Oh no Elz~ I'm so sorry! You have way too much going on in your life right now to have given this your full attention. Glad you blogged about it so now you've put it out there and can move forwards and not look back on it.

  2. replace "run" with drinking and I'm with you.

  3. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about that! On the bright side, you had a comfy place to rest your tired legs! :)


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