Monday Musings

My husband went on yet another hunting trip this week. Apparently there are more animals that need to be hunted; I doubt this claim. On Saturday, he texted me a picture of the 245 pound buck he shot. The girls and I were on the way to American Girl Café…story of my life.

Upon seeing the picture of the great hunter and his prey, Em started dancing around singing “Daddy got a deer. Daddy got a big deer.” M looked at the picture and said “Ewww, gross.”

Last season must have been a big pheasant season for my husband. I decorated for fall with pheasant feathers in everything-urns, vases and wreaths, and I still have handfuls left over.

The American Girl Café was just as fun as last time. The girls enjoyed themselves immensely. Totally worth calling 3 months ago for a reservation. Yes, 3 months!

Both girls bought their American Girl items out of their own allowances. The salesclerk was so nice to sit and wait through all the pennies.

My husband's 20th college reunion is this weekend. Since he works out of the house, he doesn't have many suits, slacks, etc. We went shopping last week and it was so much fun! Like Pretty Woman in reverse. I got to pull whatever shirts, pants, jeans I liked and he tried them on. I told him, "We should have done this years ago." I don't think he had as much fun as I did.

One of the things he bought is a BOSS suit jacket. He doesn't think it is quite as funny as I do when I tell him "Like a BOSS" every time he wears it ala Joseph Gordon Levitt on Jimmy Fallon. But, it really is funny. Really.

My big big life of leisure plans took an unexpected turn Friday when M had to stay home sick from school. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to freak out about arranging childcare. The other unexpected turn happened when I got sick Saturday. Really sick. Super fun. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to take the day off.

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