Friday Favorite- Life of Leisure

I've spent the past week enjoying time off in between jobs. What a blessing. I've done all most the errands I never have time to accomplish. Did you know that grocery shopping on a Tuesday mid-morning goes super fast?! It's freeing. More importantly, I've gotten to eat lunch with my girls, read to the class, and be there to pick them up after school. I've really enjoyed spending those little bits of extra time with my girls. I know the end of my free time/life of leisure will be here all too soon. I'm really trying to relish every free minute I get. I've also learned a lot-there is a whole sub-society of school moms and their understood ways of doing things. Whoa. Eye opening. The only drawback so far has been trying to ignore all the Halloween candy calling my name. I need to go and try to cross some more items off the TO-DO free time list (and avoid bite sized candy bars)! Have a great weekend.

My current (but quickly going away) Life of Leisure is my Friday Favorite!

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  1. Funny about the sub society of school moms!! Glad you've enjoyed your week and hope you're celebrating this weekend.

    PS- I just did a lunch time blowout at the styling bar in Rice Village and it was awesome. Quick and cheap {well, except for the $250 parking ticket I got for parking in a commercial loading zone- had NO clue! ugh}. Never would've done the blowout thing had I not read about it here. ;)


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