Monday Musings

It's amazing to me how different my two girls are even though they look almost identical. This weekend we went to a new (to us) pool with some friends. The pool had a climbing wall and a mini ropes course. True to form, Em immediately jumped in and attacked everything. She's fearless and almost always does everything perfectly the first time. M hung back, clinging to me until she was really sure she was ready. Even then, she wasn't really sure. The first time she tried things, she failed. There was wailing, screaming, and gnashing of teeth. Once she made up her mind to try again, she wanted to try that ropes area until she made it. She must have tried at least 20 times to make it across. T's daughter was the perfect little coach, encouraging M the whole way. If M had not rubbed her little hands raw, I think she would have triumphed. We have to go back so she can make it across!

We recently got HBO and the full cable package. I feel compelled to watch HBO all the time now that we are paying for it! Holy heck, does HBO stand for blood and nekkidness? Geez. That said, I really enjoyed "Veep" and watched the entire season in one night. I love her clothes and her hairstyle. Now I really want to cut my hair short. Again.

I'm sorry the Olympics are over, but I was kind of exhausted from all the events. I love the stories, the games, the races, the medals (Go USA!). I can't pick my favorite part, but the US women's gold medal soccer game was awesome. After we watched it, I decided that there are worse things to be than a soccer mom!

Speaking of the Olympics, how does Princess/Duchess Kate keep her hair looking so beautiful ALL the time? It doesn't matter where she is, it always looks amazing. Serious hair envy.

My children can not be trusted around perfume. When perfume makes you stinky, you have gone too far. Note to self-take all perfume samples away from the girls' play make-up!

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  1. Poor sweet M and her raw hands. Maybe one night this week we can head back so she can master that before you leave town and school starts!!

    We loved the closing ceremony last night~ awesome music. Sad it's all over.

    Have a great week Elz, it was so good to see you this weekend.


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