Texas Fair- Football and Fried Foods

This weekend my husband and I went to Dallas to go to the State Fair to see the Texas v OU "game." I have a love-hate relationship with the game. I LOVE when we win and HATE when we lose! Ha. Obviously this weekend, it was more hate than love. Siiiiiigh.

It's fair to say that this weekend was, in turn, familiar, exhilarating, depressing, even more depressing, really depressing, and fun. I'm glad we went, but next year I'd like to: 1) not sit in the Sooner section, 2) bring in a flask if I'm going to sit in the Sooner section, 3) have my team actually SHOW UP to play the game, and 4) find the elusive deep fried pecan pie. On the plus side, the weekend ended with a day of rain; my interpretation was God was wiping clean the slate or crying over the Longohorn's horrible performance. Either way, it was very welcome.


  1. Cute post Elz, sorry they didn't win!! I say bring a flask next time regardless of where you sit, you know I would! ;)

  2. PS_ having issues leaving comments lately, hence the anon comment.

  3. Ugh, the game was a nightmare! My worst experience at the UT/OU game hands down was the 2000 game. I've tried to block it out. But yum for the fried food -- and a flask is never a bad idea (especially when you're surrounded by sooners).

  4. Our young team was just not ready to play the no. 3 team in the country...we are headed this weekend to Austin to see us win against the "other" Oklahoma! lol I am so old that a flask was a staple for the OU game...full of bloody marys! Hook 'em...


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