Friday Favorite- State Fair Fried Deliciousness

There is a reason God invented the gym and running. That reason is the Texas State Fair. Oh sure, there are your typical fair foods, the Fletcher's corn dogs and funnel cakes. But, really, why stop there? You must try this- Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack. Sounds sort of unappetizing, right?- WRONG! It is the BEST. Spicy and sweet and totally delicious. I may have had two of these. What?! The game was terrible, I'm a stress eater.This was breakfast-Fried Bacon. I'm not proud...well, maybe a little. What better way to start the day than with a beer and fried bacon?!? It tasted like fried chicken skin with a hint of smoky bacon. In a word-yum. Also, so rich you could only eat one.
While on the hunt for a Fried Pecan Pie or Fried Brownie (we never found them, so sad), we found these little nuggets of goodness, Fried Frito Chili Pie. Again, looks can be deceiving. This was a frito with chili and cheese, dipped in corn batter and fried. Kind of like a queso chili hush puppy. So delicious.

Needless to say, my husband and I have been eating salad all week to atone for last Saturday. It was worth it though. Fried Fair Food- my Friday Favorite!


  1. i think my arteries clogged on your behalf. yet i am still so jealous.

  2. Yum all around. The Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack sounds amazing!


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