Friday Favorite- Shoe Perfection


It's not a secret, I love shoes. It seems I'm constantly on the quest for something- the perfect red heel, boot, etc. Lately I've been looking for the perfect walking shoe with a slight heel. I walk my daughters to school every morning. It isn't too far, but far enough that wearing heels is not a desirable option. I only have a few pairs of flats (I'm not really a flats girl), which are OK, except most of my pants are made for heels. This means that I'm either dragging my pants on the ground or pinning them up. At least until I get these, which I think might be the most brilliant thing ever, but I need to try them first-anyway...Neither dragging nor pinning is really what I want to do. So, I've been looking for a wedge. My co-worker recommended the Cole Haan Air Talia wedges. She has moved from exclusively 4 inch+ heels to the Cole Haan Air Talia wedges. She has been trying to convince me to buy a pair for a while and recently forwarded a 25% coupon (Use Code 2011FF + Free Ground Shipping on All Orders Over $150-runs through Monday!), so I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did. These shoes are better than I expected. I thought I'd use them primarily for walking, but they are so COMFORTABLE that I may wear them everywhere. I got the deep burgundy and am seriously considering going back and getting the brown or gray. I like that they are stylish AND comfy; you know it's rare to find both in the same shoe! I'm not going to give up my heels anytime soon (kate spade, I love your heels so!), but I may be adding more wedges in my repertoire. You should definitely invest in a pair of these, you won't be sorry.

My Friday Favorite- Cole Haan Air Talia Wedges


  1. Those look comfy!
    Another Friday's Favorite :-)

  2. I've been considering these- thanks for the good endorsement! I trust your shoe judgement much more than others:) I think they might look nicer than my crappy flip flops.

  3. Thanks for sharing these. They are so pretty and the Holiday Card start this week! Perfect timing!


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