Friday Favorites-Pretty Paint

Onto something sparkly and pretty...

I rarely get my nails done, but happen to have amassed a huge amount of nail polish, which comes in handy with two girls under 10! I saw these new Essie polishes at the airport nail salon-I know! So crazy. Crazy like a fox. My money making idea has always been to put a nail salon in a Major League Ballpark, it would be such easy money. Anyhow, I couldn't resist getting the purply/pink color. The silver looks totally (Like in the '80s way) awesome. I may end up getting the entire line-fun for the girls and for me!

I can also vouch for this book. I've gotten really good at nail designs, and it is all thanks to this book. It's a skill in very high demand for the sleepover set.

My Friday Favorite should have been the awesome Houston bakery who takes cake orders in less than 48 hours and makes delicious cakes for mommies who travel on their daughter's birthday, and, well...anyhow, nail polish-pretty-Friday Favorite.


  1. I can totally vouch for your nail art abilities- N's nails STILL look great from your craftiness last weekend. Super cute!!
    Happy Friday Elz.

  2. Oh! It looks really nice in your Nail Polish. I am also love to use the top branded Nail Polish. Thanks for the source.


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